February 25, 2016

Dear Parents, Alumni and Friends:

Thank you for your continued support for The Saint Francis-Saint Hedwig School. Your contributions to the School and the Foundation have made our school strong. Saint Francis-Saint Hedwig School shines bright and offers an advanced and superior education to its students. This is in part because of the support and commitment of friends and boosters like you. This year in particular we need your support to raise essential funds to qualify for a matching grant to improve the security of the school.

The School has qualified for the 2014 School Security Competitive Grant Program. This grant is offered through the Connecticut Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection, in accordance with the Update to School Security and Safety Plan Requirements under CGS 10-22m, to better protect Connecticut’s students, teachers, faculty members from possible threats and hazards.

This grant has been approved for improvements of up to $79,216. Matching funds are provided towards upgrading exterior doors, securing windows, installation of a video security system and installing security door locksets on office and classroom doors. The School will be reimbursed 50% of the total cost of these improvements.

Installation must be completed and paid for in full by June 2016 to be eligible for matching grant funds. If a lesser amount is raised, the grant will still match our funds as long as a minimum of $9,000 is raised. The doors have been prioritized based on need and will be replaced accordingly.

We have enclosed a reply envelope allowing you to help in several ways: 1) the Building Restoration Fund where your contribution will be used for building improvements under the Update to School Security and Safety Plan Requirements under CGS 10-22m that have qualified for matching funds under the 2014 School Security Competitive Grant Program; 2) The Saint Francis School Foundation where your funds will be invested long term to provide an ongoing stream of income and support for the school and to its students through grants and

scholarships; or 3) a direct contribution to the school where your funds will be used for the operating expenses of the school.

St. Francis School Foundation has contributed in excess of $158,000 over the past five years towards the direct operating expenses of the School. In addition, $61,000 has been provided to families in direct tuition assistance through the Happy Family Scholarship Fund during the same time period.

Please help us to continue to provide the exemplary education that many have enjoyed at both Saint Francis and Saint Hedwig Schools over the years. Your contributions to both the School and the Foundation will allow us to continue to provide high quality Catholic education in Naugatuck and surrounding communities for generations to come.

We appreciate the generosity you have shown in the past and thank you in advance for your continued support. Sincerely yours,

Father Mathai Vellappallil John J. Salatto, Ed.D. Kenneth J. Healy, CPA

Father Mathai Vellappallil
St. Francis of Assisi Church

John J. Salatto, Ed.D.
St. Francis-St. Hedwig School

Kenneth J. Healy, CPA
St. Francis School Foundation, Inc.